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Relyaquean® Floccuant is one kind of polymer floccuant based on polyacrylamide, the product covers a wide range of molecular weight and ionic degrees. The products are superior in quality and excellent in performance, it can be applied in various water quality, slurry and mud, and meet the requirements of different process and equipment.

Product function: Used for sewage sedimentation, water filtering or clarification, concentration and dewatering mud or sludge, and the slurry flotation process and so on.

Application area: Concentration and dewatering of municipal sludge, settlement and clarification of municipal raw water and sewage, industrial sewage and sludge treatment, industrial solid-liquid separation process, oil-water separation process.

Main products:

Product series Chinese Trademark English Trademark Charge Type Molecular Weight Product Type Application
3600 DF series 瑞力水清® Relyaquean ® Cationic Medium Solid Sewage clarification, sedimentation, filtration and air flotation
3700 DF series 瑞力水清® Relyaquean ® Cationic Medium-High Solid
3800 DF series 瑞力水清® Relyaquean ® Cationic High Solid
2400 BAR/BNR series 瑞力水清® Relyaquean ® Anionic/Non-ionic Low-Medium Solid
2600 BA/BN series 瑞力水清® Relyaquean ® Anionic/Non-ionic High Solid
3000 KE series 瑞力水清® Relyaquean ® Cationic Medium-High Emulsion
200 AE/NE series 瑞力水清® Relyaquean ® Anionic/Non-ionic Medium-High Emulsion