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MBR membrane

We independently developed the curtain type MBR film based on PVDF hollow fiber, which has excellent application effect and wide application prospect in sewage treatment engineering.

Product features:

  • Based on PVDF material, with high hydrophilic and stain resistance, high flux, water quality stabilization.
  • The nominal pore sizing of Membrane filter layer include different specifications of 0.05—0.10μm, the pore diameter is uniform, that ensures high removing efficiency.
  • Lining type enhanced membrane wire, higher strength, not easy to peel off, not easy to be broken
  • Wire arrangement, less hanging mud, clean thoroughly, long service life

MBR process features:

  • Operate under the condition of normal temperature and low pressure, make full use of the existing tank structure, achieve efficient solid separation
  • Improve sludge concentration and degradation efficiency effectively
  • Occupy a small area, convenient expansion
  • PLC automatic control, running safely and stably.

Product specification types

Component types External dimension (mm) Effective area(m²) Collector pipe Collector pipe
Length*width*height Dimension Material
FMU–M10 884*42*850 10 DN32   ABS  
FMU–M20 884*42*1510 20
FMU–M30 884*42*2180 30
Filtering quality Suspended solids>2μm 100%rejection coeffcient
Microorganism 100%rejection coeffcient
Output water turbidity(NTU) ≤0.5
Filter types negative pressure pumping

Application field:

  • Municipal sewage treatment
  • Industrial wastewater treatment
  • Food processing wastewater treatment
  • Aquaculture wastewater treatment;
  • Landfills and landfill leachate treatment;

Application case:

Input water: wastewater from the food industry

Process: grille precipitation + gas float + catalytic oxidation + biochemical +MBR+ ozone disinfection

Treatment capacity: 2500m³/d

Output water usage: reuse of reclaimed water system

Running time: the year of 2015

帘式MBR膜 帘式MBR膜