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Pulp and Paper

Retention and drainage aid

Feymer can provide a wide range of high molecular polymer products including solid,liquid,emusion,etc. It has broad applicability for fiber and filler. It can improve retention rate of mesh fiber、filler and accessories, save fiber and various additives, increase ash content in paper, improve dewatering efficiency in wire and press section, save steam, improve machine speed, reduce pulp concentration, which helps to maintain good paper evenness, reduce deposits formed in paper machine system due to small components and colloids. Optimize and stabilize overall process operation in wet end. Reduce COD and BOD discharging, bring more economic benefits for customers.

Main application:

  1. Wrapping paper
  2. Coated paper
  3. Offset paper
  4. Newspaper
  5. Cardboard
  6. Other papers

Main products:

Product series Chinese Trademark English Trademark Charge Type Application Advantages
D700/ V700 series 倍幅者® Papformer® Emulsion Retention and drainage 1、High and stable product quality
2、Varieties of product series
3、Customer designed system solutions
4、Professional technical service team
5、Accumulated experiences of successful application at customer’s side
VD 8000/VG 700 series 倍幅者® Papformer® Solid Retention and drainage
FC 700 series 倍幅克斯® Papfixer® Emulsion Anionic trash fixing
FR 6000 series 纳托泰持® Netocatch® Emulsion Improve filler retention
HP 600 series 摩沙泰持® Mosaicatch® Powder Improve drainage and filler retention