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Water Treatment Chemicals


Feymer provide Relyaquean® organic coagulant, also inorganic coagulant products based on aluminum salts and iron salts. Feymer has more than twenty organic coagulant grades, can meet requirements for all kinds of water and process. Feymer owns professional phosphorus removal coagulant and relative technology.

Product function: Floc formation is fast and dense, with high activity, good precipitation, fast precipitation. The purification effect of high turbidity, high colloid content and colored water body is particularly obvious. Suitable for wide range of pH value, decoloration and removal of colloid.

Application area: Mainly used for purifying tap water, treating domestic sewage and industrial waste water, and also has extensive use in papermaking, oil gas exploitation, leather making, printing and dyeing, metallurgy, etc.

Main products:

Product series Chinese Trademark English Trademark Charge Type Molecular Weight Product Type Application
300 SK series 瑞力水清® Relyaquean® Cationic Low Aqueous solution Clarification, decolorization, solid-liquid separation
Polyaluminum chloride NA NA Cationic Low Solid
PolyMer Ferric Sulphate NA NA Cationic Low Solid