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System cleaning agents

For closed circulating water system in paper industry, Feymer products can effectively remove and prevent deposition of microorganisms and organism, restrain growth and reproduction of microorganisms, penetrate and detack sediment deposited within the paper machine system, keep system clean, extend cleaning period, improve system operating performance. According to site situation, certain products use together can keep system clean for long time.

Main application:

  1. Art paper and light weight coated paper
  2. Super calender paper
  3. Newspaper
  4. Writing paper and offset paper
  5. Corrugating medium,kraft board paper and kraft linner paper
  6. Coated board,Industrial paperboard
  7. Yoshire paper,tissue paper,toilet paper
  8. Specialty paper etc.

Main products:

Product series Chinese trademark English trademark Application Advantages
C 700 series 优路克斯® Optiefixer® Anionic trash control 1、Varieties of product,suitable for different sites.
2、Provide solutions for system cleaning, maintenance, deposits controlling of microorganisms, organisms and inorganisms. Provide targeted solutions to specific cases.
3、Improve product quality, production efficiency and effectiveness of certain wet end chemicals.
4、Reduce processing load of discharging water.
TEP series 优路提® Optieloop® Deposit control
CLE series 优利洁™ Optieclean™ Cleaning and maintenance for system and equipment
DP 6600 得斯倍保™ Dispersebe™ Prevent formation of stubborn dirt in pulp and paper making equipment
KO 540/5400 series 倍奥法拓® Biofastal® Oxidative fungicide
KI 570/5700 series 倍奥法拓® Biofastal® Varieties of product, high-performance non-oxidizing fungicide
KR 590/5900 series 倍奥法拓® Biofastal® Online oxidative fungicide, rapid sterilization