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Sizing agent

Feymer provides high performance ASA sizing system for modern paper machine, includes ASA、emulsifier and specialized emulsification equipment. Compare with normal sizing system, our system can significantly improve paper sizing value、writing performance and printability. With our sizing system, at room temperature, ASA can be rapidly emulsified and dispersed into droplets with particle size less than 2μm, which can effectively avoid hydrolysis of ASA, strengthen retention and reaction effectiveness on fiber surface , reduce ASA dosage.

Main application

  1. Printed wrapping paper
  2. Gypsum board
  3. Food wrapping paper
  4. Cable wrapping paper
  5. Cardboard
  6. Culture paper etc

Main products:

Product series Chinese trademark English trademark Appearance Application Advantages
ASA series 维湿克® Moisblock® Liquid ASA sizing agent 1. Equipment, products, service and system solutions
2. Excellent sizing performance in wet end under high conductivity, well anti system changing nature
FA series 伊磨力美® Emulamet® Liquid ASA emulsifier
SSP series 瑞泽锐滋™ Resurize™ Liquid Surface sizing agent Low dosage,good performance