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In the process of coal production and use, only through washing and processing can improve the quality of coal, separation of debris, while reducing environmental pollution, make full use of resources and improve transport efficiency. The "organic coagulant" treatment of high mud difficult settlement of coal slurry has achieved great success, this method is using organic coagulant and flocculant to replace the traditional inorganic coagulant poly aluminum chloride, aluminum sulfate to treat the high mud difficult settlement coal slurry; comparing to the traditional method, the usage is lower and could significantly decrease the cost for customer

With the extension of the mining depth and the improvement of the mechanization of coal mining, the raw coal slime in the raw coal is increased greatly, and the particle size is reduced. Thus, the processing capacity of coal slime in the coal preparation plant is soaring, and the processing difficulty is increased. The recovery of a large number of fine coal slime makes the filter pressing link hard to bear, and the coal slurry dewatering becomes the bottleneck restricting the production of coal preparation plant. Feymer launch filter aid in order to shorten the batch processing time, reduce product moisture, increase production, reduce production cost

Main application:

  1. Settlement and concentration of slime: coagulant, flocculant
  2. Flotation of clean coal and dewatering of coal slime: filter aid