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Water-reducible general industrial used water-based saturated polyester: can be used both Interior paint and external paint

Main performance: good gloss, flexibility, outdoor durability

Field of employment: primer/middle coat, finishing coat, finish varnish, high temperature single unit, general metal, automobile original paint

Product pictures:

Waterborne polyester structural representation

Main technical parameters
Appearance Light yellow or transparent sticky liquid
Solid content% 69+1
PH(1%H2O) 6.5-7.5
Viscosity/23℃ 8000-25000cp
Color Gardner 1-4
Acid value based on the solid 35-45mgKOH/g
Hydroxyl value based on solid 3.0 -3.5
Proportion g/cm³ 1.028
Volatile substance Water, ethylene glycol monobutyl ether, dimethylethanolamine

Gransport™4401 recommended formulation for metal baking paint:

Blacking wash   Finished product formulation
Gransport™4401 45 Main resin Gransport™4401 25 Main resin
DMEA 0.6 Neutralizer DMEA 0.4 Neutralizer
Di-Water 38.4 Deionized water Di-Water 22.6 Deionized water
BYK-190 0.6 Wettting dispersant Blacking wash 35 Self-made paste
BYK-024 0.4 Defoamer CYMEL303 16 Crosslinking agent
Aluminum phosphate 2.5 Padding BYK-349 0.4 Leveling agent
Zinc phosphate 2.5 Padding Surfynol 104E 0.3 Wetting leveling agent
Black carbon powder 10 Pigment BYK-024 0.3 Defoamer
Formulation expected parameters:
Solid content wt% 45-50
PH 8.0-8.5
Applicable viscosity 18-22S
Applicable method Handwork airbrush and electrostatic spray gun

Gransport™4401 basic performance test results of baking paint :

Evaluation of project Result Test standard
Gloss(60°) 95 GB/T1743-98
Adhesion (tinplate,1mm) Level 0 GB/T9286-86
Impact GB/T1732-93
Hardness ≥H GB/T6739-96
Bending 1mm GB/T1731-93
Water-tolerant(40℃) 72h no foaming, adhesive level 0 GB/T1733-93
Acid-resisting 0.1N H24solution 24h no change GB/T1771-91
Alkali-resisting(0.1N NaO solution) 48h no change GB/T1771-91
Salt mist resisting(neutral salt mist) 160h GB/T1771-91
Solvent resisting(xylene ) no significant change in 100 strokes GB/T23989-2009
Petrol-resistance(92#) 48h no change GB/T1734-79

Note: thickness of dry film :25-35um: Base material:tin plate