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Scale inhibitor

For membrane treatment system, Feymer has developed special scale inhibitor series products, High scale inhibition efficiency, good protection effect on membrane system, high production rate of water system and low comprehensive operation cost. It has non phosphorus scale inhibitor products which are suitable for the discharge of reverse osmosis and concentrated water.

Main products:

Product Series Chinese Trademark English Trademark Product Type Application Area Character
DP 6100 series 得斯倍保® Dispersebe® Aqueous solution Reverse osmosis (RO) systems and nanofiltration (NF) and ultrafiltration (UF) systems Especially suitable for high hardness water to avoid CaCO3、CaSO4、BaSO4 scale.
DP 6300 series 得斯倍保® Dispersebe® Aqueous solution No phosphorus formula, high concentration, reduce pharmaceutical consumption and emissions