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One kind of hydroxyl acrylic aqueous dispersion, which can be used to prepare waterborne industrial baking coatings with amino resin, and also can be mixed with aliphatic polyisocyanate to prepare waterborne two-component varnish and topcoat

Main function:

  • It has good pigment wettability and high shear stability
  •  It has Good gloss, adhesion, flexibility and high hardness
  • It has excellent chemical resistance, water resistance and solvent resistance

Application area:

Primer / coating, finish, cover varnish, general metal, coil steel, rolled aluminum, motorcycle, electric vehicle, tricycle hub

Product pictures:

Hydroxypropyl dispersion structural representation

Main technical parameters
Appearance Milky white color slightly blue liquid
Solid content% 45+1
Viscosity/23℃ 1000+450cp
PH,solid 19mgKOH/g
Hydroxyl value 3.3
specific gravity g/cm³ 1.06
Volatile substance 100# Solvent oil, butylcellosolve

Gransport™3301 recommended formula for metal baking paint

30%MA resin free slurry   Finished product formula
Deionized water 49.8 Deionized water Gransport™3301 70 Main resin
BYK190 20 Dispersant DMEA 0.2 Neutralizer
Carbon black 30 Pigment CYMEL325(80%) 7.5 Amino resin
Bactericide 0.1 Bactericide 30%MA resin free slurry 10 Self-made mill base
BYK1711 0.1 Defoaming agent BYK346 0.5 Flatting agent
      BCS 5 Solvent
      H2O 6.8 Deionized water
Formula expected parameters
Solid Content,wt% 35-40
PH 8.0-8.5
Construction viscosity 20-30
Construction method Laboratory manual spraying
Baking conditions Indoor temperature/10min +145℃/30min

Gransport™3301 test results of basic properties of baking paint

Evaluation project Result Test standard
Gloss(60°) 90 GB/T1743-98
Adhesion (Tinplate,1mm)/strong> Level 0 GB/T9286-86
Shock GB/T1732-93
Hardness >5H GB/T6739-96
Bend 3mm GB/T1731-93
Water-tolerant(40℃) 72 hours, no blistering, no shedding, adhesion 0 grade GB/T1733-93
Acid-resisting(0.1N H2SO4solution) 24h no change GB/T1771-91
Alkali-resisting(0.1N NaOHsolution) 96h no change GB/T1771-91
Salt mist- resisting(neutral salt-mist) 160h GB/T1771-91
Solvent resistance (ethanol) wipe 20 times do not fade GB/T23989-2009

Remark: thickness of dry film, 20-30μm; Material: tin plate