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Product Series Chinese Trademark English Trademark Product Type Application Area Character
DC 4400 series 伏沫得瑞® Foamdepress® Formula products It can be used in foam control of pulp, paper making, food processing and water treatment system. It can effectively remove surface foam, remove small bubbles and reduce air content in water Defoaming is fast, bubble suppression time is long, green environmental protection, no system residue. The add operation is simple, low dosage and cost-effective.
OD 4500 series 伏沫得瑞® Foamdepress® High carbon alcohol products
OD 4600E series 伏沫得瑞® Foamdepress® Ether products
OD 4700E series 伏沫得瑞® Foamdepress® Organosilicon product